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Debt Negotiation vs. Bankruptcy

Get a Fresh Start from debt from a debt relief lawyer near you!  Our team of attorneys can help you get out of debt and keep your assets.  A bankruptcy can allow you to get out of debt while keeping your home, cars, and tax refunds.  We help clients in Westmoreland, Somerset, Cambria, Indiana, Armstrong, and Allegheny Counties get out of debt and start fresh.  We are the trusted debt relief and bankruptcy lawyers near you.

Debt Negotiation vs. Bankruptcy

Costs and Fees – Bankruptcy fees are less than fees charged by debt negotiation companies.  Debt negotiation companies charge fees for everything.  Fees to manage your account, fees to settle your debts, fees as a retainer to take your case, and additional fees to defend your from lawsuits.  Our team provides you an upfront estimate for all costs and fees.  We also offer monthly payment plans to allow you to get a fresh start fast.

Credit Score – Debt settlement will require you to be delinquent in paying your debts.  The delinquency negatively affects your credit score.  Bankruptcy does not require you to be delinquent in paying your bills.  You can start rebuilding your credit as soon as your case is discharged.

Rebuilding Credit – Debt settlement plans generally are between 36-60 months.  Plans require payment of your debts for years.  The delinquency on your accounts continues during the repayment period, negatively affecting your credit score.  After discharge in bankruptcy (typically 6 months for chapter 7 bankruptcy) you can start to rebuild your credit with a clean slate.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy does not require you to make any payments to your creditors on a monthly basis like debt negotiation.  Bankruptcy allows you to start fresh now.

Income Tax and Lawsuits – Debt forgiven is taxable in debt negotiation.  You may owe income tax on debt forgiven.  A creditor may not accept a settlement from your debt negotiation company and will sue you in court instead.   If you file a bankruptcy, any debt forgiven is not taxable.  Creditors are barred from any collection activity after bankruptcy is filed.  Creditors can’t call you, harrass you, send you letters, or file lawsuits.

Our team of professionals can provide you with your fresh start by getting rid of your debt while keeping your assets and property. Trust us to join your team and get the debt relief you want now.

Filing for bankruptcy stops:

  • Harassment by creditors
  • Foreclosure
  • Debt collection and lawsuits
  • Repossession
  • Utility shutoffs
  • IRS wage garnishment and levies
  • Garnishments

Filing for bankruptcy gets rid of:

  • Medical bills
  • Credit card bills
  • Personal loans
  • Past-due utility bills
  • Repossession balances
  • Some taxes
  • Business debt
  • Personal guarantees
  • Judgments

It is a misconception that filing bankruptcy will always cause you to lose your house, car or business. Most of our clients keep all of their personal and business property. Since we provide a personalized review of your business or individual debt concerns, you are able to make an informed decision about your bankruptcy. Our unique and trusted law firm provides personalized solutions to all of our clients with our team of attorneys, accountants and experienced staff.  We have been providing debt relief services in Western Pennsylvania for 35 years.

Trust Our Team To Guide You Through Bankruptcy

To learn more about the benefits of bankruptcy or other debt relief options, call, email or chat with us today. We offer convenient morning, afternoon and evening appointments. Our offices are located in Greensburg, Latrobe, and Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  We offer free personalized debt consultations at our convenient office locations and by phone.

If you are experiencing a financial setback and need debt relief, it’s imperative to contact an experienced lawyer.