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Estate Administration & Probate

Our team has been assisting individuals and families since 1985. While the death of a loved one is never easy, after their death everything they owned becomes part of their estate. Determining the beneficiaries, those who receive assets or property, depends on whether the deceased had a will or not. There are many issues to consider during estate administration and probate. You need experienced, local and trusted attorneys to guide you through the process.

While most assets become part of the estate, some assets do not, such as life insurance and retirement accounts with beneficiaries. We can provide you guidance regarding what assets need to be included in the estate and which assets do not need including.


Our firm takes pride in providing our clients with solutions to their legal issues. Our experienced attorneys and staff can guide you through a quick and efficient probate process. Our team can accomplish the following:

  • Opening an estate
  • Letters testamentary and letters of administration
  • Safeguarding and collecting assets
  • Advertising
  • Notifying beneficiaries
  • Inventory preparation and filing
  • Payment of taxes and debts
  • Closing the estate
  • Family settlement agreements
  • Small estate petitions

Trust us to guide you through your estate administration and probate issues.

Protecting Your Interests Throughout The Process

As a full-service estate administration firm, there is nothing we cannot handle. With a comprehensive estate planning practice as well, we understand how wills and trusts are designed. This allows us to help you explore your full range of options, whether you are taking a will through the probate process or executing a detailed estate plan.

We work with people who have all types of investments in the probate process, from executors and trustees to beneficiaries. Whether the responsibility of probate administration has fallen to you, or you want to make sure your rights are properly protected in the administration process, we will protect your family’s future.

Contact Trusted and Experienced Lawyers

If you are about to go through the probate process, have our team on your side. Located in Greensburg, across the street from the courthouse, we are ready to guide you through the process and protect your rights. Call us toll free today at 724-832-2499, chat or email for an initial consultation.