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Gun Charge Attorneys In Westmoreland County

The right to bear arms is a constitutionally protect right. However, prior criminal offenses or not having the right paperwork can make possessing a firearm a serious offense. At Bononi & Company, our team fights to protect your rights when faced with a gun charge.

Our Attorneys Handle All Firearm Cases

For 35 years, Bononi and Company has defended clients facing Firearm violations and gun possession charges.

I’m Charged with a Gun Related Offense, Is This Serious?

Firearm related offenses can be serious. Through the years, in an effort to crack down on crime, both the Federal and Pennsylvania legislatures have passed many laws that limit and restrict who can possess a gun.

This has led to the laws harshly punishing gun related offenses. Often, illegally possessing a firearm can lead to incarceration. Trust our Criminal Defense Team to challenge the case against you and make sure that your rights are protected. 

I Tried to Purchase a Gun...Now I’m Charged with a Crime

The Criminal Defense Team at Bononi & Company has seen this countless times. Someone goes to purchase a gun and the clerk runs a background check. When the clerk comes back with the background check, they learn that they were not approved to purchase the firearm. Later, they receive a notice in the mail that they are being charged with a Felony (Materially False Written Statement – purchase of firearm) and a Misdemeanor (Statement Under Penalty of Perjury). Often, these people do not even know that they were ineligible to purchase a gun. Just because the police have accused you of a crime does not mean that you are guilty.

Our team’s experience with these cases helps us to quickly evaluate your case and know what defenses you have available.   

Charged with Possession of Firearm?

In Pennsylvania, if you have been convicted of certain crimes, you are not allowed to possess a firearm. Also, if you are on parole or certain types of probation, you can not possess a gun.

Depending on the facts of your case, if you are charged with possessing a firearm and you are someone not permitted to possess a firearm, you face the prospect of a multiple year jail sentence. That’s why the Criminal Defense Team at our firm attacks the term “possession.”

The Commonwealth often argues “Constructive Possession.” That means that the gun was not found on you, but given the totality of the circumstances, the prosecution argues that you had control over the weapon. Our firm knows how to fight these cases and what arguments to raise.

Am I Still Allowed to Hunt?

The short answer is no. If you are someone that is not permitted to possess a firearm in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, then you are not permitted to use a gun to hunt. Taking this a step further, many people do not even realize that they are not permitted to go hunting with a gun.

In Pennsylvania, many DUIs are charged in such a way that if you are found guilty, you cannot possess a firearm. Being a law firm based in Southwestern Pennsylvania, and practicing in Westmoreland County, Fayette, County, and Cambria County, we know that hunting is important to many of our clients. If you have any questions about whether or not you can possess a Firearm, talk to our team.

Do I Need A Defense Attorney For A Gun Charge?

When you face criminal charges, the prosecution and police officer brining the charges want to convict you. If you are found guilty, you can face incarceration.

Without an attorney, you may not know what defenses you have, what facts the prosecution is missing, and whether or not the evidence obtained against you was obtained legally. Even though they try and limit your Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, they can’t limit your Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights.

Whether you are charged with Materially False Written Statement – Purchasing a Firearm in Greensburg, Felon Not to Possess a Firearm in Johnstown, or a gun related misdemeanor charge in Pittsburgh, we take your case seriously. You deserve a quality criminal defense attorney on your side.

The Bononi & Company Criminal Defense Team

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