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FAQs About Bankruptcy

Get your fresh start!

Our local team of bankruptcy attorneys can help you get the fresh start you are looking for. We can help you evaluate your options and choose the bankruptcy or debt relief options that are best for you. Individuals seeking our assistance often ask these questions:

  • Your credit report will reflect the bankruptcy filing for 10 years after you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • Your credit report will reflect the bankruptcy filing for seven years after you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Can Creditors Call Me After Bankruptcy?

No. This will allow you relief from the constant calls and letters while you begin your fresh start.

What Documents Do I Need When Meeting With My Attorney?

  • Six months of paycheck stubs
  • Past two filed tax returns
  • All documents relating to retirement accounts
  • Any documents you have questions about

What Must I Do Before Filing Bankruptcy?

You must complete a course required by the courts in budgeting and credit counseling. It is important to have this completed as soon as possible. Our firm provides easy access to online courses and can walk you through the process.

Will Bankruptcy Wipe Out All Of My Debts?

Yes, with a few exceptions. A few of the major exceptions are child support, taxes, student loans and criminal restitution. However, some taxes are dischargeable. It is important to have a knowledgeable and experienced bankruptcy attorney to review your case to best advise you of your options.

How Will I Know If Bankruptcy Is The Right Choice?

Our firm offers a wide variety of debt relief solutions. This allows us to evaluate your individual situation and recommend a solution that is best for you. You will not be left wondering what other options may be available for you.

What Is The Means Test?

This is the calculation that is done to determine the chapter of bankruptcy you are eligible to file. Our experienced attorneys will walk you through the calculations at your initial consultation.

How Much Debt Do I Need To Have To File For Bankruptcy?

There is no minimum to the amount of debt you must have to file. You also do not need to be current or delinquent in the payment of your debt. The best time to review your financial options is now. Most wish they came to us sooner because the options we provided eased their stress and gave them their fresh start.

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