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Child Custody

While you want to protect your parental rights, nothing is more important than the best interest of your children.

Our team of trusted custody attorneys can help you fight for the best interest of your children. In Pennsylvania, the Court looks at 16 factors to determine what custody schedule is best for your child. You need attorneys, who have been fighting for parents since 1985, on your side.


· Legal Custody

· Physical Custody

· Parent Child Reconciliation

· Grandparent Rights

· Supervised Visits

· Co-Parenting

· Custody Conciliation and Litigation

· Summer and Holiday Schedules

· Relocation

· Contempt

Our attorneys can provide assistance in understanding legal and physical custody. Our team has the experience necessary to provide real and practical solutions to your custody questions. We can provide you the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared, if you are required to go to Court.

We have experience assisting parents in determining the best schedule for their child in both joint custody and primary custody situations. We can provide assistance with child and parent reconciliation. Our team knows the service providers necessary for effective co-parenting.

Trust us to have you and your child’s best interest in mind. Trust our team to provide practical and efficient legal advice during stressful custody situations. When it comes to the most important decisions in your life have our trusted team on your side.

As part of our comprehensive family law practice, we will also take care of related concerns such as child support. In situations where one or both parents are unable to provide custody, we advocate for the rights of grandparents to step in and take responsibility.

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