All adults need at least a few estate planning documents in place

Avoiding things that make them uncomfortable is something that many people in Pennsylvania and other areas do. However, as uncomfortable as it might be to consider estate planning, it is important that it gets done. Without a plan, family members may be left to wonder what their loved one may have wanted in serious situations.

Some people may not think they are old enough to consider estate planning, but really, once a person reaches the legal age of adulthood, having at least a few documents in place is a good idea. For example, a health care power of attorney document allows an adult to appoint someone to make important medically-related decisions for that adult in the event that he or she becomes incapacitated. This can be important for anyone because parents no longer have an automatic say in their children’s affairs after they reach adulthood.

Additionally, a will is the cornerstone for most comprehensive estate plans. Parents especially can benefit from having a will because it allows them to appoint a person they want to act as the guardian for their minor children in the event that the parents are no longer able to do so because of incapacitation or death. No one wants their children to end up in limbo until a guardian is chosen, so appointing one ahead of time could better ensure they immediately receive love and care from a trusted person.

Of course, estate planning does not stop there. Pennsylvania residents may want to create thorough plans that address long-term care wishes, asset protection, property distribution, charitable giving and much more. Fortunately, legal professionals experienced in creating estate plans could help interested parties get their wishes down in legally binding documents.