Sued by Credit Card or Debt Collector in Pennsylvania

So you have been sued for by a credit card company or debt collector. It is easy to begin to feel stressed and overwhelmed after receiving the paperwork. First, you have already taken the right step by looking for help. The debt collectors and credit card companies rely on the stress and fear that the lawsuit creates. Your best defense against the debt collectors and credit card companies is an experienced debt relief team. It may not feel like it, but you have many options in dealing with your creditors. Each individual, family, or business needs personalized debt relief advice after receiving a credit card lawsuit.

For example, you can defend the lawsuit against you. You can force the creditor to prove the debt against you. We have successfully represented clients against their creditors. A successful defense of the lawsuit can mean the debt is gone forever.

You can negotiate a settlement with the credit card company. We represent clients to negotiate a favorable settlement with their creditor. This can result in paying much less than the original debt amount.

We help clients determine their best personalized debt solution. Our unique team of attorneys, professional staff, and accountants provide a wide range of debt options. Unlike many other debt relief firms we are able to provide a full range of options. Therefore, you know you are fully informed and making the right decision for you.

Lastly, we can help you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy offers a fresh start. Bankruptcy stops a credit card lawsuit from moving forward. Bankruptcy can get rid of a credit card even if a judgment has been entered. Out team can make sure you get the best debt relief option for you.

Our team has weekend and evening appointments available. We have offices in Greensburg, Latrobe and Johnstown.