Can Bankruptcy Stop Foreclosure in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is yes. Yes, bankruptcy can immediately stop a foreclosure. A bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure all the way until the sheriff sale. If you file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure typically you will file a chapter 13 bankruptcy. It is important to have a local and experienced team on your side. We have the experience necessary to handle any foreclosure questions. It is never to late to get our trusted advice for a solution to your foreclosure questions.

The filing of a chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure. A chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to catch up on your mortgage. It will allow you to keep your home or property. Basically, in a chapter 13 you will be responsible for making your current mortgage payment on a monthly basis. Also, you will pay an additional payment each month to catch up on any missed mortgage payments prior to filing.

Fees for filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy can be made in payments.  This will allow you to get the relief you are seeking now without having to pay all of the attorney fees now.  You can keep your house and we will help you do it.  

We can also help you defend against foreclosure or modify your mortgage.  Debt relief is not one size fits all.  That is why we have a team of experienced attorneys, accountants, and professional staff so we can provide legal services tailored to your needs.  After a consultation with our office, you will have the tools you need to make an informed decision about your house and mortgage.  

Our team can help you save your property. We offer free personalized debt consultations. Our local offices in Latrobe, Johnstown, and Greensburg have weekend and evening appointments available.