Suggestions for successfully selling your home during divorce

From the start of your divorce, even beyond its finalization, you will be faced with many important decisions about your future. Being wise, patient and strategic about the choices you make can help you work toward rebuilding your life into what you envision it being. At Bononi & Company P.C., Attorneys at Law, we have been able to provide support and guidance to many couples in Pennsylvania as they work through their separation. 

Dividing any property, you and your spouse have come to share or mutually own during the course of your marriage, requires negotiation and time to decide the best way to separate assets so that the outcome is beneficial for both parties. One of the largest assets you and your soon-to-be-ex may share is a home. If you are considering selling the home and splitting the proceeds, it is imperative that you leverage your resources the right way to keep the process efficient without compromising your share of profit. 

According to, it would serve you well to agree the best you can with your spouse about an agent who both of you feel confident working with. Once hired, utilize your agent as a liaison to manage communications between you and your spouse regarding the selling of your property. This will minimize verbal confrontations that could hinder the sale of your home. Before your home is listed on the market, it is wise for either you or your spouse to move out to make arranging showings a bit easier with fewer people to coordinate with. Establish an agreement, even if court-ordered, for how the mortgage will continue to be paid throughout your divorce to eliminate the risk of financial missteps from happening. 

When you are beginning the process of divorcing from your spouse, take into consideration how selling your home may reduce your stress. For more information about dividing your assets with your spouse, visit our web page.