Keeping infidelity from destroying self-love and confidence

While there are many reasons why couples in Pennsylvania would choose to get divorced from one another, a common reason is when some form of infidelity occurs within the relationship. Sometimes, this unfaithful behavior is a one-time occurrence, but enough to leave the victim feeling unappreciated and betrayed. Other times, it is an ongoing issue that is beginning to deteriorate the foundation of a relationship that was once strong and thriving. 

While coming out of a divorce with hope for the future and a renewed sense of self-confidence is one challenge, victims of infidelity may feel significantly more downtrodden as they are reeling from having been left by someone they considered to be a loyal partner. Often, when one person becomes sexually involved with another person, going against the vows and standards that were created as part of their marriage, their partner is left feeling shattered, hopeless and worthless. 

Recovering from having been treated that way can be more effective when victims are effectively able to channel their anger and sadness into a renewed energy to love themselves and realize their potential. Time spent hating their former spouse will only make their situation more bitter and take away time that could be spent planning a better future. As they proceed in a new relationship if that choice is made, people would benefit from pursuing a committed relationship slowly and being watchful for signs that could indicate that their partner is being unfaithful. Never, should victims blame themselves for their failed relationship or try to figure out what was wrong with them that caused their former spouse to betray them. 

If people are preparing to get divorced, they may benefit from the guidance of an attorney who has experience in settling those types of cases. An attorney can help people to make decisions that will contribute to their progress in moving beyond their former relationship. 

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Column: How to recover from infidelity in a relationship,” Jackie Pilossoph, Sep. 5, 2019