How can divorced parents navigate summer vacation?

Summer break is a time for your kids to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Accordingly, divorced parents with shared custody must make sure that the needs of their children always come first, which can be challenging in the wake of contentious splits. Parenting offers the following tips in this case, which will help your whole family have a summer to remember. 

Let older kids have their say

Older kids tend to be more autonomous. While it’s generally OK to plan a parenting schedule for younger kids when it comes to summer activities, it’s best to allow pre-teens and teens to have some input. Your teen may have a special event in mind that she’d like to attend with friends, so you want to be sure you’re scheduling a family outing at the same time. Rember, parenting plans and schedules should be in the best interest of your kids. 

Make quality time a priority

Some divorced parents live great distances from each other. Summer is the perfect time for some child-parent bonding in this case, as it allows the long-distance parent to schedule an extended visit with his or her child. Some kids will have a harder time coping with being away from the parent primarily responsible for affording everyday care, so be sure to keep this in mind when determining the length of a visit. 

Compromise is a must

It’s natural for couples to disagree on parenting issues. However, don’t let ill-feelings about your split color your opinion of well-intentioned decisions. For instance, don’t stand in the way of summer camp or family vacations simply because you feel left out of the process. Instead, work with your ex to create a schedule that accommodates you and your kids.