Are you headed for divorce?

If your marriage in Pennsylvania is not as happy as you think it should be, it may help to look out for certain signs. These can signal a relationship is going in the wrong direction, but if caught early on, each partner can make changes to return to a happy and fulfilled union.

According to Psych Central, marriage therapists identify four main predictors of divorce, and that if couples do not fix the issues, a divorce is imminent. One predictor is that one or both spouses criticize the other’s character or personality as opposed to a certain behavior. Another predictor is expressing contempt via nonverbal behavior such as using sarcasm, rolling the eyes or sneering.

A third sign is shutting down when a conversation becomes challenging. The term stonewalling indicates one is withdrawing to avoid any conflict. The fourth predictor is always being defensive by cross complaining, whining or acting like the victim.

Prevention discusses other signs that a couple is not doing well. These include:

  • One socializes frequently without the other spouse
  • Complaining to the other spouse all the time instead of engaging in positive interactions
  • A couple drifts apart and neither partner really cares
  • One spouse only cares about him- or herself and disregards the other’s feelings
  • Poor communication or controlling communication
  • Fighting over insignificant things
  • Placing a higher priority on others as opposed to the spouse
  • Not wanting to go home to the spouse

While these are signs of a rocky marriage, they do not guarantee divorce. Couples who identify the problems early on can take the proper steps to get the relationship back on track.