Tips on handling family conflict over the holiday

While the holiday season is supposed to be a time of joy for families in Greensburg, this is not always the case. If you’ve recently gone through a divorce you may be concerned about the conflict between family members, which can really put a damper on things. While you can’t always prevent battles from occurring, the following tips can help you handle them better.

Psychology Today suggests setting firm boundaries regarding parties and gatherings. If you’re hosting dinner and are adamant that it starts at a certain time, make sure friends and family know this. If not everyone has arrived by the start time, feel free to begin anyway. This will help you deal with chronically late individuals, who may enjoy the attention of making a grand entrance.

Boundaries are also useful in other instances. For example, you have total control over who is invited and who isn’t. If a person has caused issues in the past, it’s perfectly acceptable to not extend an invite. You also have a say in the types of topics that are discussed at your gathering, and you can designate certain topics as off-limits. This includes religious and political topics, which are considered hot-button issues by most people.

If you’ll be attending gatherings at other people’s homes, there are also things you can do to mitigate family conflict. According to Very Well Mind, many people switch holidays with their ex-spouses to reduce stress. Traveling to multiple homes on one day can be physically exhausting. Additionally, you may be uncomfortable spending time with your in-laws so soon after a divorce. You can offer to take your kids one holiday, while your ex can have them the next.