Filing for divorce as a horse owner

No two divorces are exactly the same and some can result in especially complex issues. For example, the distribution of marital assets and custody arrangements can be very emotional and challenging. When some couples approach divorce, they may wonder who will be able to keep family pets. This can be especially complex for those who own horses, especially when both parties do not want to lose close equine friends that they cherish.

Depending on your situation, your horse(s) may be considered marital property or separate property. Moreover, you may have a horse with an especially high economic value, such as a successful racehorse, and this may necessitate closer review. In some cases, only one party may want to retain ownership of a horse, which can make the process more straightforward. In others, a couple may disagree on who should be able to keep the horse, which is when things can become more complex.

There are different factors that may be taken into consideration by the court with regard to horse ownership, so preparation is key. You should carefully go over any legal matters that are relevant to your case and do what you can to improve your chances of a favorable end result.

Filing for divorce can be emotional for many reasons, especially when children and beloved pets are involved. Certain things may be out of your control, but there are steps that you can take to help your case, such as carefully going over the legal details that surround your personal circumstances.