How should I discipline my child after a divorce?

Divorced parents in Greensburg often have a hard time with discipline. You might feel like your child is acting out over the demise of your marriage, which can result in leniency when it comes to rules. You may also have issues with your former spouse when it comes to parenting style, which can make the process that much more difficult. To help you navigate disciplinary issues post-divorce, Parents offers the following advice.  

Don’t skimp on the rules

It’s natural for kids to react negatively after a divorce. However, you should still stick to rules and discipline when possible. Skimping on rules can actually harm children in the long run, while also contribute to poor traits that may follow them into adulthood. Feeling safe and secure is important to kids, and consistent rules create this type of environment in your home.

Refrain from comparing homes

Perhaps your child has a little more leeway in your ex’s home than he does at yours. If your child attempts to make unfavorable comparisons in this respect, be sure to put a stop to it immediately. You don’t want to make it a competition between your two homes or try to get your child to play favorites. Explains that the rules are the rules, even if they differ when your former spouse is in charge.

Have a family meeting

If your children are reluctant to get on board, consider holding family meetings at least once a week. During the meeting solicit your child for suggestions about chores, rules, and other issues that impact their daily lives. Kids often feel more empowered when they have a say in these issues. Your children may also be more inclined to follow the rules when they participate in their creation.