How should you handle custody on Halloween?

Halloween is a popular holiday among children, for obvious reasons: The candy, the costumes, the fun and the family time. For children of divorced parents, however, the Halloween season can be fraught. Their Halloween now comes with the many complications of divorce. They must spend the holiday with only one parent, with their step-siblings or with their parents’ new partner.

Parents can help their children cope by considering a few important tips regarding child custody on Halloween.

Include all family members

Not all divorces are amicable. But when parents can still work together, they should take every opportunity to include all family members in the Halloween celebration. Have family discussions regarding what you look forward to on this holiday—your favorite candy, your children’s costume ideas and what you plan to do on Halloween evening.

Share the Halloween tasks

Consider how you and your spouse will divide the Halloween fun between each other. Maybe one of you will carve pumpkins with the children, while the other takes them trick-or-treating. Another option is to have each household share in the fun—each home could have jack-o’-lanterns and decorations. After all, the more fun Halloween tasks your children can enjoy, the better.

To trick-or-treat, or not to trick-or-treat?

Most children’s favorite part of Halloween is trick-or-treating. Going from house to house to gather candy is a decades-long tradition for a reason. But if your children are at one household for Halloween evening, perhaps they could attend a Halloween party at the other residence. That way, each household can partake in the celebration equally.

All parents who are divorced should mind their custody schedules carefully. While one parent may handle the majority of Halloween celebrations, the other may cover other holidays, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The important thing is discovering what works best for you and your family.