Child custody and going to court

Parents in Pennsylvania who have unresolved child custody issues may have to make an appearance in court to resolve those issues. Parents who have to attend child custody proceedings should make sure they are properly prepared so that they have the best chances of getting the custody results they want.

Preparing for such proceedings entails having arguments ready to present to the court. Parents may consult with an attorney for assistance with determining what type of information should be included in their arguments and what type of questions they should expect from the court.

It may be necessary to have witnesses who can provide testimony that supports the argument and who can vouch that the parents are capable of taking of their children. These witnesses may include teachers, babysitters or anyone who is in a position to offer effective and accurate accounts of the type of people the parents are.

The physical appearance of the parents during the proceedings is also important. Parents need to make an impression that they are responsible adults. When choosing attire, they should opt for clothes that are conservative and formal in style. Care should be taken with the manner in which hair is styled and makeup is applied.

Because custody adjudicators, judges and mediators tend to hear multiple cases every day, parents are likely to have a limited amount of time to present their case. It may be necessary to work with their attorney on how to effectively make their argument in a short time period.

A family law attorney may assist clients with resolving their child custody disputes. The attorney may engage in litigation to obtain the desired settlement terms regarding visitation times, modifications to existing child custody orders, physical custody, legal custody, relocation requests and more.