Creating a parenting plan when parents cannot work together

Going through a divorce can be emotionally difficult, especially if the former couple can no longer work together and their are kids involved. However, most Pennsylvania couples still understand the importance of coming up with a working parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. When they have trouble negotiating an agreement on their own, there are steps they can take to make this task easier on everyone involved.

One of the first things that both individuals might want to do is hire their own collaborative attorney. These professionals focus on resolving divorce-related issues outside the court room. This process allows for some negotiation and gives the parents more control in creating a beneficial parenting agreement. If the two parents cannot be in the same room together, the attorneys can meet to negotiate.

It is important to note that having some flexibility in the custody schedule is extremely important. For example, if an emergency happens and a parent cannot take the kids for his or her custody time, the other parent should try to be understanding. Having some flexibility will also allow the kids to potentially take longer vacations with each so that they are not missing out on having two parents.

Splitting up time with the children is often a major part of going through the divorce process. However, a custody dispute can quickly turn nasty when parents realize that the time they get to spend with their children will be reduced. If both parents are determined to work together to create a plan that benefits everyone involved, a family law attorney may assist with the negotiations especially if the parents simply cannot work together without arguing. The attorney may assist with drafting a parenting plan and bringing it to the other party for review. Once an agreement has been reached, the attorney can submit it to the court for its approval.