How estranged couples can avoid bad divorce advice

When Pennsylvania couples are going through a divorce, it can seem as if everyone around them has a great deal of often-unwelcome advice. Many of the beliefs held by laypeople are factually incorrect, so it’s important to verify before taking advice from friends and family or others.

Understanding child support can seem easy when states post their guidelines on the web. However, despite the public information, there are an array of rules and specific exceptions, and judges are often free to use their own discretion>/p>

People who are seeking to cut corners in an uncontested divorce might feel tempted to use the same attorney. However, this is a conflict of interest and is a violation of ethical guidelines. While it is not mandatory for people to have legal representation, an attorney cannot work on behalf of both sides.

Many people also misunderstand the impact of no-fault divorce laws. These laws mean that fault no longer must be proven in order for people to end their marriage. However, these laws do not necessarily mean that evidence of bad conduct during the marriage can never be considered in court, including on issues of spousal support. Another area of confusion around divorce involves the treatment of home mortgages. Even if a settlement agreement provides that only the party keeping the home will be responsible for making payments, the lender is not required to abide by that. The loan would have to be refinanced in one name only. An attorney who has family law experience can be of assistance in answering these types of questions.