Career can play an important role in divorce

Career and financial woes can be some of the biggest contributors to divorce for couples in Pennsylvania and across the United States. An analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data found that certain occupations are much more highly correlated with divorce than others, and stress on the job may play a major role in placing additional stress on a marriage, especially for younger couples.

First-line enlisted military supervisors, who coordinate the actions of enlisted personnel and lead operations, hadthe highest rate of divorce by age 30, at 30 percent. They were not alone in that position, especially among colleagues in the military. Tactical operations and air weapons personnel also were part of the top 10 careers with high divorce rates . There are a number of reasons why military careers are highly related to elevated divorce rates. The stress and danger of the job, depending on location, can be extreme on both sides of the relationship.

Military deployments can lead not only to serious danger but also to prolonged separations, something that is highly correlated with increased divorces. In addition, military couples often marry at a younger age and frequently must move around the country for postings, putting further stress on a marriage.

Of course, career issues contributing to divorce are hardly limited to military personnel. Financial arguments are some of the most divisive that can take place in a marriage. Even after a couple has decided to end their marriage, struggles over property division and alimony can be some of the most acrimonious aspects of a divorce. In many cases, couples might find it advisable to have their respective attorneys handle the negotiation of these issues.