Keeping the best interests of the children first

Parents know that after a divorce co-parenting can be challenging. Even if they vow to always keep the best of interest of their children as a priority, the emotions stirred by the end of a marriage can often get in the way of that promise. However, there are some things Pennsylvania parents can do to attempt to make the process easier and successful.

The first thing parents need to keep in mind is the three-part rule recommended by experts, which basically states that parents should not vent to their children about problems with their ex-spouse, parents should never badmouth the other parent, and parents should not use their children as a messengers between them. Additionally, parents should always remember that they need to take care of their kids and help them during the period immediately after the divorce, which is a crucial time for children.

Another thing parents can do is negotiate a strong custody and visitation plan. While it may seem that a detailed plan might provide too many opportunities for one of the parents to violate the agreement, one that anticipates most situations families might encounter might actually help parents provide a stable life for their children. A strong plan can include stipulations about medical issues and educational concerns, information about rules and discipline, rules and boundaries when it comes to new significant others or new spouses, visitation time, exchanges and schedule, as well as a set time for the parents to sit down and discuss any additional issues that come up.

Parents who are thinking about divorce might seek the guidance of a family law attorney who can offer information about how negotiating a plan might be a better choice than having a judge make the decisions. A lawyer’s guidance might also help the parents provide stability during what can be a very emotional process as children get used to the changes the family is undergoing.