What Happens In A Personal Injury Trial?

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In a personal injury trial, there is a Judge that presides over everyone. 

Think of the judge as the referee. They make rulings on the law and make sure everyone is held to certain standards. This will help to make sure everything is as fair as it can be and that the information being given to the jury is the type of information that the law finds to be reliable. 

You also have a jury. 

The jury is who makes the final decision for your client. The jury is there to decide the facts. But the jury only gets to decide the facts based on what testimony is given during the trial and what evidence is presented. 

When you think of it that way, what happens in a personal injury trial is that you make sure that the jury hears all of the testimony they need to hear and they see all of the evidence they need to see to decide that what facts you are presenting to them are true. 

They have trial advocacy classes in law school that take a semester to teach, so there’s too much there to talk about all the nuances in a trial. But it’s as simple as communicating with a jury and showing them evidence so that they can learn what happened and have the tools they need so that your client gets justice.

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