How Do You Decide How Much To Ask For In A Personal Injury Settlement?

personal injury compensation form

When you look at a personal injury settlement, the goal is to make your client whole again. So, that’s what’s always on my mind. 

If you’re talking about a settlement, you recognize that there is a negotiation that takes place. I’ve heard some people refer to it as some kind of “game” and I’ve always hated that. It’s not a game. This is your life. 

So when figuring out how much to ask for, you have to know what injuries your client has, what it will take to make them whole again, and after your client understands their injuries and what those injuries mean for their long term well-being, how much do they hope to recover. 

The value of cases is so fact specific that I really can’t give a general amount for what’s fair. If it’s a muscle strain, every time you go to physical therapy can have an effect on the value of a fair settlement. I give free consultations for personal injury cases. I’d be happy to talk with you and we can go through all of the facts to figure out what the value of your case is.

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