What are the First Steps When Filing for a Divorce?


filing for divorce

Pennsylvania residents who are thinking about divorce may wonder how they go about filing for divorce. A person in this situation might want to talk to an attorney because every situation is different and it may be important to take care of some things early on, but many elements of divorce are similar. 


At Bononi & Company, we begin with a consultation where we gather all the important information needed to draft a divorce complaint. 

A “complaint” is the document that begins the divorce process. 

The spouse who starts the divorce by completing the complaint is the “plaintiff.” The other spouse is the “defendant.” During this consultation, your attorney will discuss factors such as: 

  • Are there children involved? 
  • What are the Financial Holdings of the parties? 

Filing the Divorce Complaint

After the initial consultation, your attorney will proceed with drafting a divorce complaint. The Divorce Complaint is a legal document which will initiate the commencement of your divorce proceeding. 

Send out service of the complaint

After filing divorce papers with the court, the petitioner and their attorney will make sure that the petition is “served” on the other spouse. 

From here, each case proceeds differently. In some cases, you have custody hearings and in other cases, you must set up for a hearing for support.

Trust us with your important issues. While you may not always choose to get a divorce or be involved in a custody matter, trust our team of experienced family law attorneys and professionals to protect your family. Our unique team and local perspective allow us to make sure your rights are protected.

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