What Makes a Good Personal Injury Case?


Personal injury law

What makes a good personal injury case? 

The first thing to look at in any personal injury case is:

  • What was the cause of your injury? 
  • Who caused your injury – A personal injury attorney will call this liability
  • Who is liable for your injury? 

The next thing to look at is: What is your injury? We call this damages. 

What you need for a good personal injury case is evidence to show liability, how you’re injured, who injured you, any evidence and documentation to show what your injuries were, and what you had to do to become whole again. 

Right after you are injured, if it’s a car accident, for example, go seek medical attention. Not all injuries are obvious.  Some injuries linger and some injuries might not appear for a few days so it is important that you get medical treatment immediately. 

The first reason why is simple, if you’re injured, you need a doctor to help you recover. You need a doctor to make you well again and that’s the point of a personal injury case is to make sure that you are well again. 

Another reason is you are going to need that documentation to show your journey from injury to recovery. If a doctor recommends that you see a specialist, they’re doing that because they believe that specialist can help you. If a doctor recommends that you go to physical therapy, they’re recommending that because a physical therapist can help you.

From the injury to the time a case is settled, or from a time there is a trial to determine who’s at fault for your case could take years. So, you need that documentation to show step-by-step that this injury happened here, you went to a doctor here, and here’s what you did to recover. 

Now, something else that you need to help show liability for a car accident, for example – photographs and police reports help to tell the story. Evidence is critical in a good personal injury case. 

So, what makes a good personal injury case is evidence that shows who is liable and documentation to show how you were hurt and what you needed to recover. At the end of the day, that’s what a personal injury case will do, it will make you whole again. Our goal is to seek compensation to make you whole again.

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