Gray divorce could provide a new lease on life

When feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction surface in a relationship, some Pennsylvania residents may feel a bit uncertain about what to do. In some cases, these feelings may come about in one’s later years, even after retirement and decades of marriage. However, that does not mean that older individuals have to remain in unhappy marriages. In fact, gray divorce could be a viable option.

Gray divorce does not differ much from standard divorce cases in terms of the legal process and only has the name because it refers to cases in which the individuals involved are over the age of 55. These cases can involve more complexities due to likely having more assets involved. Additionally, older individuals may have a more difficult time bouncing back from certain financial impacts that divorce can cause.

Fortunately, parties can help themselves prepare for their cases in the following ways:

  • Remaining flexible and making life adjustments where needed, such as planning to work longer before retirement than previously anticipated
  • Gaining information on the legal proceedings and ways to work toward particular results
  • Saving more where possible and lowering expenses
  • Determining what may be considered separate property or marital property and learning how state property division laws could affect the case

It can certainly seem intimidating to try to make such a major life change later in life, but divorce does not have to seem like an out-of-reach option. It may even help some Pennsylvania residents find a new lease on life. If individuals are considering taking this step into gray divorce, they do not have to feel unprepared. Numerous options exist for obtaining reliable and accurate information.