Making Sure Your DUI is expunged in Westmoreland County After Going Through the ARD Program


ARD program after a DUI

People have come to us saying that they have completed ARD and think their record is expunged. In a particular scenario, we accessed the public database where we found the DUI still on record.  So, we asked our client, 

“After you completed ARD, what did you do?” 

Usually they say, “I didn’t do anything.” 

In Westmoreland County, if you went through the ARD program and you successfully completed it, you should have received a letter from adult probation saying that you have completed ARD. 

You can take that completion letter to the Clerk of Courts in Westmoreland County, and you can file it to have that charge expunged. If you do not take that step, or you do not ensure that that step is taken, then it may not be expunged and may still be accessible by public records. 

The whole point of ARD is to get dismissal and expungement. You did all the work and you finished everything, just take that last step. 

If you have any questions about DUI or the ARD program, Bononi & Company is happy to help you. You can call us at 724-972-4180 and we will look for you to see whether or not your case has been expunged. And if it hasn’t, we can talk about how to do that.