What Costs are Associated with Filing for Bankruptcy in Pennsylvania?


cost of filing bankruptcy

What costs are associated with filing bankruptcy in Pennsylvania is probably the first question that most clients ask. The cost of debt relief is an important factor to consider when making any determination on what course of debt relief you should take. 

At Bononi & Company, we offer payment plans for all of our debt relief services, including bankruptcy. Our payment plans allow you to make monthly payments towards any fees that are being charged for either bankruptcy or debt relief. 

Some fees that are charged in a bankruptcy case are:

1.Court Fees

If someone files for bankruptcy, the court charges a fee. That fee in chapter seven is $335, and $310 in chapter 13. That fee is paid through your attorney directly to the court. 

2. Credit Counseling and Financial Management Course 

You can only receive a discharge in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you take a required financial management course after filing your case. This course is designed to educate you on making better financial choices after bankruptcy. You will learn how to use credit and manage your money wisely so that you won’t have to seek future relief. Those fees range anywhere between $20 and $50. Again, these fees are paid through your attorney to those services directly.

3. Attorney Fees

Both chapter 7 and chapter 13 will have varying additional attorney fees associated with the filing of bankruptcy. Your attorney fees are based on the complexity of your case and the chapter bankruptcy that you’re filing. You will be provided with a personalized review of your case, and at that time, you will receive an exact quote on your attorney fees. These fees will always be provided in writing, and we’re even willing to give these fees over the phone after we review your case. If you decide to utilize our monthly payment options, it can allow you to get your case started and filed for about $500. 

It is extremely important to get your case moving quickly so you can begin a fresh start as soon as possible. We don’t want the fact that you’re making payments to hold up getting your case moving.

Don’t make a debt relief decision without consulting our trusted team at Bononi & Company, P.C. You need to know your options so you can make the best choice for you or your business. Let us lessen your stress and ease your fears regarding your debt. Let us get you or your business moving forward and in a positive direction. At Bononi & Company, P.C., we recognize that your creditors have professionals on their side, so you deserve to have a skilled team working for you.

Debt is stressful. Getting help with debt relief for your family or business shouldn’t be. We offer free initial consultations, reasonable legal fees and payment plans to all of our debt relief and bankruptcy clients.