What Can a Tax Attorney do for Me?


tax attorney

People shouldn’t become scared when they hear the word “attorney” or “taxes”. Well, if you put the two words together, taxes and attorney, everybody thinks badly. 

We’re here to help you – as you are the primary reason that we’re able to be in business. 

As such, we can help you prepare taxes, whether they are simple or complex, we can do it. I’ve been around for 35 years as both a certified public accountant and an attorney. Wearing both hats gives me an advantage over many things. 

For example, when you come in, you receive the attorney client privilege. We prepare your return in a timely fashion and I’ll quote you up front as to how much it will cost at that point. 

We handle very complex returns such as estates over 15 million to basic returns where someone may earn only $5,000. But we strive to do an excellent job and we make our customers number one.