Gather financial documents early when divorcing a narcissist

Getting a divorce is a complicated process. Unfortunately, the parties involved may only end up making the proceedings more difficult, especially if one person is a narcissist. You may have decided to end your marriage because of the controlling and narcissistic ways of your spouse, but you likely know that the legal process will be difficult due to his or her likely actions.

As a result, you want to prepare as best as possible for your case. Taking a proactive approach may allow you to bolster yourself against any manipulation your soon-to-be ex may attempt, and allow you to work toward outcomes that could benefit you and your future.

Gather information

One of the biggest and most helpful steps you can take when preparing for a divorce from a narcissist is to gather information and important documents. In particular, focusing on financial matters may be prudent because your spouse may have taken control of the household financial affairs, leaving you in the dark about much of your money matters. Some topics to obtain information about include the following:

  • Bank accounts
  • Vehicle registrations and titles
  • Retirement accounts
  • Mortgage information
  • Insurance policies
  • Investment accounts
  • Recent pay stubs and tax documents
  • Valuables, like artwork, jewelry or antiques

Gathering this information before bringing up the topic of divorce may give you more time to accrue accurate details. In some cases, narcissists try to hide information and assets in order to make a divorce more difficult, so getting a headstart may prevent that scenario. Of course, it is still wise to look for hidden assets, as your spouse may have already taken such actions long before divorce was on the table.

Think strategy

This type of situation can certainly feel overwhelming. You may feel excited about getting out from under your spouse’s control, but you may also worry about how he or she will act during your legal proceedings. Understandably, you may feel your emotions getting the better of you at times. However, it is in your interests to think strategically throughout your case rather than let your feelings control your decisions.

If you have concerns about remaining logical and working through your case with a level head, remember that you do not have to carry all of these burdens alone. You can work with an experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney who can help you address the various facets of your case in a way that works to your benefit.