Investigation results in woman facing felony drug charges

Coming under criminal investigation is a serious predicament. Unfortunately, many people who are suspected for drug-related activity do not know they are under investigation as authorities attempt to gather evidence. Often, these investigations can result in parties facing serious drug charges.

It was recently reported that one woman in Pennsylvania was taken into custody as part of an investigation. Apparently, authorities opened the investigation in January after receiving information from a confidential informant that trafficking of crack cocaine was allegedly taking place at the woman’s residence. Supposedly, multiple people from out of town and out of state were staying with the woman, and the informant claimed that they were also dealing the substance.

Authorities purportedly had the informant conduct multiple transactions with the individuals, and the person allegedly obtained crack cocaine from the woman and other parties. Reports stated that 23 controlled buys took place, but it was unclear whether they were all conducted by the confidential informant. The woman was recently taken into custody and is facing multiple felony charges.

This type of ordeal may have the woman’s mind reeling. Defending against drug charges is not an easy task, and facing felony allegations can make the situation even more difficult to handle. Fortunately, the woman does have legal rights and can create and present a criminal defense if she wishes to do so. Gaining information from local Pennsylvania legal resources may allow her to better understand her options and the steps she could take to effectively handle the charges.