Cases involving drug charges withdrawn over officer investigation

When individuals have criminal charges brought against them, they often want to get out of the situation any way they can. They may hope that something will happen that will result in the drug charges they face being dropped and that they will not have to go through with their trials. While this may seem like a pipedream to some, it can happen.

It was recently reported that 18 felony drug cases have been withdrawn in Pennsylvania. Apparently, the withdrawals come after a police officer involved with the investigations came under investigation himself. The report did not have information on what the officer is being investigated for exactly, and he is not yet facing any criminal charges. Nonetheless, he has been placed on administrative duty, and his credibility has been called into question.

Because his involvement in the drug investigations compromises those cases, they have been withdrawn without prejudice. This means that the charges could be picked up again, but it is unlikely. The defendants in those cases were informed of the situation in October, and the cases were formally withdrawn last month.

Any one facing drug charges may hope that something like this will happen, and as this situation shows, the possibility does exist. It is important that Pennsylvania residents facing criminal accusations go over every detail of their cases and the involvement of any law enforcement officers to determine whether any wrongdoing occurred. If some evidence of inappropriate action on the part of an officer is uncovered, cases could be withdrawn, and accused parties may see the charges against them dismissed.