Keep Your Tax Refund and Get Out of Debt

Looking for a Fresh Start from debt?  Are you getting a tax refund?  Many Americans plan on using their tax refund to pay down their debt.  But is that your best option?  No, not if you are still going to still owe other creditors.  You need a fresh start and that fresh start begins with keeping your tax refund.  Stop using your tax refund to pay old debts.  If you paid debts with last year’s tax refund and you plan on using this year’s refund to pay debts we have a better solution.

Bononi & Company P.C. offers bankruptcy and other debt-relief solutions.  We offer solutions to maximize your refund so you can get out of debt now.  Too many people year to year continue to use their refunds to pay down debt.  Unfortunately, debts are often larger than the amount of your refund.  If this is the case, the interest charged by your creditors may result in a vicious cycle of never getting ahead of your debt.

Many of our clients are worried that if they file bankruptcy they will lose their tax refund.  For most clients, this is not the case.  Our team can go over your debt with you, evaluate your assets, and let you know if you qualify to get rid of all of your debt while keeping all of your assets, house, cars, retirement accounts, and tax refunds.  Imagine getting a fresh start and keeping your assets, it’s easy with our team.

We provide all of our clients upfront pricing and payment plan options.  It’s time for your fresh start.  With our free consults, personalized debt relief solutions, and convenient office locations (Greensburg, Latrobe, and Johnstown) there is no reason to wait to find out your options. We offer evening and weekend appointments for your convenience.  Make sure before you pay debt with your refund that you give us a call.

Our team of trusted debt relief attorneys can help you keep your refund and get a financial fresh start.  We offer free personalized debt consultations to maximize how you use your refund.  Debt can be stressful so we strive to put you at ease.  Our attorneys, accountants, and professional office staff provide the highest level of customer service.