Do I Need a Lawyer for a DUI?

For the most part, a judge will never make you get an attorney for a DUI. Plenty of people in Pennsylvania try to make their way through the legal system without a lawyer. However, the legal system is full of dangers that Defendants would not be aware of unless they first consult with a lawyer. Mandatory jail time, license suspensions, and losing your right to possess a gun are important to learn about before you go to court.

Hiring an attorney is no different than hiring another professional to help you. For example, many people try to remodel their kitchens without a contractor. But, a professional that spends his days remodeling kitchens is going to know the pitfalls, problems, and predicaments well in advance. Lawyers offer the same expertise. The difference between not hiring a contractor and not hiring a criminal defense lawyer is what’s at stake. A First Time DUI in Pennsylvania carries a penalty typically between 6 months of probation to up to 6-months in jail.

Whether you are in Westmoreland, Cambria, Fayette, Somerset, or Allegheny County, speaking with an attorney will provide you with a better understanding of what you are facing. If you would like a free consultation, we would be happy to meet you at one of our offices in Greensburg, Latrobe, or Johnstown.