When is divorce the best option for solving marital conflict?

There are few decisions as impactful as the decision to divorce your spouse in Pennsylvania. Even when your situation seems dire and the outcome appears bleak, you may still find yourself grasping for reasons to continue trying to make your marriage work. In reality, if you are unhappy, it may be time to take a serious look at the reasons why and start implementing changes even if it means departing from a relationship that no longer holds value to you. 

While divorce is often associated with the loss of money, stability and emotional strength, the reality is, your decision to move on with your life could actually enable you to attain more than what you previously had. There is no doubt that tough decisions will need to be made, especially if you have been married for a significant length of time and have shared children, property and investment endeavors together. However, with time and support, you can indefinitely heal from your divorce and move on to realize that your decision was actually a positive one. 

According to Woman’s Day, if you reach a point in your marriage where both you and your spouse appear to have unrealistic expectations of what is wanted in the relationship, it may be time to move on. Accompanying these feelings can be red flags such as you are constantly to blame for problems, you have lost any motivation to try and fix disagreements, you or your spouse have endured notable personality changes, and you are generally unhappy with a dying relationship. In these circumstances, it may be in your best interest to move toward a divorce so you can rediscover happiness. 

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