Apps and tips to help with co-parenting

Parents looking for new ways to coordinate their schedules and communicate peacefully in Pennsylvania may feel relieved to know that there is an app for that. In fact, there are several. USA Today highlights seven apps that parents can turn to as they try to adjust to a new way of life.

One of the most common features included in these apps is an interactive calendar. This helps to coordinate holidays and other special occasions, as well as visitations or other shared custody arrangements.

An expense log also comes in handy so parents can keep track of who spent on what and how much for the children. Some apps even allow parents to store information related to insurance, school schedules and emergency contacts.

Sometimes one parent may refuse to agree to use the app for coordinating. There are some apps that allow only one person to take advantage of all it has to offer. When communicating with the other parent, it merely sends text messages to keep them up to date.

Parents struggling to adjust to who does what may need more than apps to assist. CNBC recommends that they look to their divorce decree. This makes the divorce final, but it may also spell out responsibilities for co-parenting. Professionals recommend hammering out all the important details during the divorce. However, parents should also note that this may mean a lengthier divorce process if they fail to agree.

CNBC believes that there is an additional benefit of going digital. It provides a paper trail. This helps spouses to show that they follow the divorce decree or met all requirements in the divorce settlement. Naturally, if they failed to do these things, the paper trail may prove otherwise.