How to beat a speeding ticket

According to Business Insider, when it comes to the worst places in America to get a speeding ticket, Pennsylvania comes in at 29. It ties for this position with Missouri, Utah and South Dakota. Considering the strict speeding laws in other states, such as jailtime for first conviction and mandatory license suspension after the first conviction, Pennsylvania is relatively lenient.

Even so, no one wants to get a speeding ticket anywhere. So, what are a person’s options if they get pulled over? Here are some tips from Forbes on how to avoid getting the speeding ticket, and if that fails, how to get it thrown out.

Be polite

Some drivers make the mistake of getting defensive and trying to argue with the police officer. While it may feel otherwise, and sometimes maybe it is, a police officer is just doing their job. Unfortunately, a part of their job is to write a speeding ticket whenever they catch someone driving over the speed limit.

Try the waterworks

This will not work on every police officer, so the driver will need to read them to see what might be effective. A sympathetic officer may be more likely to issue a warning instead of a ticket. No bawling is necessary. A few tears while explaining the circumstances and showing extreme remorse may be all that is needed.

File a discovery request

This discloses information used to build a case. This includes data, such as where the cop car was posted and the type of radar the officer used. Some drivers have successfully been able to get a case thrown out by finding inconsistencies in the report. This may be especially useful if the allegations are false.

There is no guarantee that any of these tactics will work. However, for people who are desperate enough to try anything to get out of a speeding ticket, especially if they are on their last chance before suspension or revocation, it might not hurt to give these tips a try.