Underage drunk driving charges

Drunk driving allegations can shatter someone’s life in all sorts of ways, creating problems in their career and at home. This is especially true when someone who is under the age of 21 is charged with driving under the influence. Not only can underage DUI charges disrupt a young person’s life, but they can create problems within the entire family. Many teens have been charged with driving under the influence, some of whom likely did not realize that they were considered to be driving under the influence because of zero tolerance laws. In Greensburg and across Pennsylvania, families struggling with a teen’s DUI should review all legal options closely.

Whether you are a teen facing DUI charges or your child is in this position, there are various things to consider. First, think about how these charges could affect your future. When someone is charged with underage drunk driving, they may encounter challenges while trying to apply for college or a job. Moreover, the stigma of these charges cannot be overlooked. Not to mention, DUI charges can result in the loss of driving privileges, which can be devastating for anyone but especially hard for a teen who needs to drive to school or work.

Financial penalties and even time in prison are additional ramifications that may arise in the wake of DUI charges. When it comes to handling underage drunk driving charges, it is pivotal to assess all of the details surrounding the case and have a good understanding of the necessary steps to take.