Finding out that your spouse wants to divorce

Divorce can be a challenging process for various reasons, from legal issues related to custody or child support to the amount of time one can spend in the courtroom. For some people, divorce can be difficult because it was completely unexpected, and their marital partner filed a divorce petition without discussing the matter beforehand. If your marital partner recently filed for a divorce and you are unsure of what to do next, it is crucial to review your circumstances immediately.

The outcome of a divorce could have an impact on your life in multiple ways. You may secure sole custody of your child or you may have to struggle for your visitation rights. You might be receiving child support payments, or you could have the responsibility of paying child support and/or alimony. Property division, parental relocation and many other divorce-related issues can also create challenges.

We understand that preparing for a divorce which caught you off-guard can be very hard, but you should have enough time to review your rights and familiarize yourself with some of the options you have which are relevant to your case. If you have questions that relate to family law, make sure you find thorough answers and have a clear understanding of how you will approach your case.

It is critical to keep in mind that each divorce is different. Some are more complicated (such as high asset divorces), while others are straightforward. If your spouse recently filed for a divorce, be sure to take a personalized approach.