Why women are the main initiators of divorce

Women are typically known for being relationship-oriented and more focused on settling down with a marriage partner than their male counterparts. Although there are plenty of gray areas to this, men are conversely known for their hesitancy with commitment. However, when couples do get married, studies have shown that it is the woman who is more likely to initiate a divorce nearly 70 percent of the time.

Why does this happen? While there are countless reasons why two people would get married, there are also many reasons why couples divorce. Research psychologist have gathered information that upholds the notion of women feeling unhappy in their marriages more than their husbands. The men report feeling troubled about their wife’s marital dissatisfaction but somewhat okay about the state of the marriage in general.

Unfulfilled expectations

A killer of many happy marriages is whenever expectations are repeatedly unmet. Expectation let-downs often have a ripple effect of negative emotions associated with them. Resentment, bitterness and a lack of open-minded communication creates a division that can go unresolved for many years. Divorce may appear as the only way out whenever a woman feels trapped in an unsatisfied marriage.

Gender role imbalance

According to the research, many wives report feeling burdened by the responsibilities that historically apply to the female gender in marriage. These include keeping up with the housework, raising children and maintaining a family meal plan. Women may feel suffocated under their responsibilities and need a break to reconnect with their own identity and become a receiver rather than a constant giver.

Although divorce is not an easy thing to go through, especially when children are involved, it may be the best option for some couples. It can feel like pulling an emergency ripcord to escape a reality that you never wanted or imagined. Time can never be taken back once it’s gone, but time spent in progress and personal growth is sure to benefit those around you, especially when making a life transition into singleness once again.