What happens after you file for divorce?

Deciding to get a divorce can never be an easy task. Once you decide and start taking steps through the process, it can be confusing and emotional. What happens after you file for divorce?

There are many factors to consider when you contemplate what to do. If you are filing for divorce and your spouse is aware and agrees with it, then it can be a rather painless process. However, if they do not know or do not agree with the divorce then that will cause some issues to come up in the divorce. If you have children, their well-being and how the divorce will impact them should also be considered.

If you live in Pennsylvania, after filing for divorce, there is a 90-day cooling off period for no-fault or “mutual consent” divorces. This gives you the opportunity to try to resolve whatever issues you may have to try and salvage your marriage. If you cannot work out your differences in that time period, then a divorce decree is issued by the court.

What you can expect

When you file a divorce petition, your former spouse has an opportunity to respond to the petition. This means that both parties have agreed to the divorce. It must be done with the court. Eventually, you and your former spouse will end up in court to discuss the divorce. The judge will hear the case and make a decision based on the evidence. Some of the things you will address include:

  • who your children will live with/possible visitation for the other parent
  • how much child support you should pay
  • how your property will be divided/who lives in the home
  • if you will have to pay any alimony
  • divorce will finally be finalized

Knowing what to expect, once you finally decide to file for divorce is beneficial. Maybe it could help you decide if divorce is right for you or not.