Pros and cons of staying together for the children

People in Greenburg who are getting a divorce might want to consider the effect it could have on their children. Children whose parents divorce are at a greater risk of getting a divorce themselves. They may also be more likely to suffer emotional problems and less likely to go to college. However, there are circumstances in which divorce might be a better solution.

For example, parents may be unable to hide their conflict and unhappiness from children. Children pick up on this stress, and it is stressful for them as well. If parents have been through counseling and find they simply cannot get along, it may be better for the entire family if they get a divorce. Abuse is another red flag that a marriage should come to an end.

On the other hand, parents might weigh the costs of getting a divorce and decide that the benefits of staying together outweigh those costs. Their lives and the lives of their children might be stabler and happier if they remain in the marriage. However, parents should be realistic about the sacrifices they are making in postponing the divorce. Counseling may help parents weigh the pros and cons even if the ultimate decision is to get a divorce.

Once parents have decided to divorce, they may need to make an agreement about child custody as well as property division. Parents often prefer to negotiate these agreements between each other or with the assistance of attorneys and mediators. This allows parents to remain in control of the outcome. It also gives them the opportunity to create unique solutions for their individual circumstances. For example, some parents might keep the family home after the divorce and have their children live there while they take turns staying there. This may help preserve a child’s sense of stability after divorce.