Situations that may lead to divorce

Some couples in Pennsylvania might wonder whether or not they should seek a divorce. While some toxic scenarios may be obvious, it can be harder for people who are in the marriage to see how bad things have gotten over time. For example, one possible reason for a divorce is if the spouse is verbally and emotionally abusive. In some cases, one might not notice how bad a situation is until the spouse begins abusing their child.

A person married to a spouse who refuses treatment for an addiction might also want a divorce. In many cases, the addicted spouse will promise to get treatment. If the spouse keeps lapsing, however, a person may decide it is no longer possible for the marriage to continue.

Finally, a spouse may decide to seek a divorce if the marriage is setting a bad example for the children. This can be tough because parents often want to avoid divorce in an effort to keep the family stable and minimize disruption for the kids. However, ongoing conflict can also be disruptive.

Even if these types of issues do lead to a divorce, a couple can still strive to minimize conflict around their children during and after the separation. Couples may prefer to negotiate an agreement about property division and child custody as this will give them more control over the outcome than litigation. Negotiation might also help them develop conflict resolution skills that could be useful during what may be years of coparenting ahead. The parenting agreement, which may address issues ranging from vacations to homework and more, may also help minimize conflict over the children.