Some jobs more prone than others for divorce

Pennsylvania couples might be interested in the findings of a study on occupation and divorce in the United States. Data from the 2015 American Community Survey was examined and gathered for presentation by FlowingData comparing divorce rates across different jobs. According to the study, people working as bartenders are more likely to get divorced than those working in any other field. Flight attendants were also found to have a high risk of divorce.

Indeed, individuals working in jobs that involve nightlife or travel were found to be most likely to divorce. The occupations with the lowest risk of divorce included scientists, software developers, medical professionals and actuaries. It’s possible that these professions simply attract more level-headed personalities while nightlife and travel jobs tend to go to the impulsive, but there are also indications that income plays a role. According to the study, jobs with higher incomes tend to have a lower risk of divorce on average.

The mean rate of divorce was around 35 percent nationally in 2015, and occupations grouped as expected about the mean when they were all included. When occupations are separated out, though, it is clear that jobs related to shipping, travel or transportation have higher divorce rates. Jobs for which divorce is less likely include those related to science or mathematics.

Fields that are popular in rural areas, such as farming, fishing, forestry and military work, are also less likely to see divorce. People who are approaching or going through a divorce may want to speak with a lawyer in order to see if the negotiation of a settlement agreement might be possible.