When to avoid mediation during a divorce

For Pennsylvania couples who are considering divorce, there are several methods to go about ending a marriage. One of the most popular methods is called mediation, where couples come together to hash out an agreement with the help of a trained neutral third party. While this method is affordable, it does have some drawbacks that may make other methods more appealing.

Mediation is not a fast process. In some cases, it can take several months to work through all of the couple’s problems and resolve matters in a way that satisfies both parties and the judge. If couples attempt mediation while still angry, the process can take even longer. Some former couples start the mediation process and then stop halfway, either going the litigation route or taking some time off and getting through the emotions associated with divorce before attempting it again.

The process also requires couples to negotiate, which often means giving and taking until both parties are satisfied. If one person is not okay with the other person being satisfied at the end of the mediation process, mediation will not work. Both parties must be willing to listen to each other and take concerns and view points into careful consideration.

Going through a divorce is complex, especially if the couple has been married for decades, has kids or started businesses. If the former couple attempts mediation but does not get the desired results due to being unable to work together, there are other ways they can dissolve their marriage. In many cases, their respective family law attorneys take a role in negotiating an overall settlement.