How to approach a separation

For some Pennsylvania couples who are struggling with their marriages, a formal separation can help them determine if they should try to reconcile or get a divorce. Separation involves two married people living in different places, and it’s important that individuals treat their finances as separate as well. This will help them protect themselves as well as help them begin to get used to living on one income if they end up divorcing.

One thing that such couples should strongly consider is a separation agreement. This document can determine how much access each person has to particular marital assets. Additionally, an agreement can outline how debts that accrue during a separation are handled and who will be responsible for them.

Couples should also keep their finances separate when they are not living together. This will mean that joint accounts will need to be closed and that each party will need their own bank accounts and credit cards. Each person should also handle their own expenses even if only one was responsible for handling household finances before.

One reason that it is important to have a separation agreement is because if the couple decides to divorce, they will have to deal with the division of assets and debts. This means that if someone racked up a large amount of debt during a separation but the couple does not have a separation agreement, both individuals may end up responsible for paying it off. If the couple does decide to have such an agreement, they should each have their own attorney review the terms before it is signed.