Examples of 3 common family law cases

At Bononi & Company, PC, we pride ourselves on being able to represent our clients in a wide variety of cases. One area of the law that we are particularly passionate about is family law. Indeed, an experienced lawyer can do a lot of good to assist families in navigating their family law issues with grace, diplomacy and compassion.

Let’s take a look at three common types of family law matters Bononi & Company, PC, might take on. In addition, we’ll look at what these cases might entail:

— Child custody and visitation concerns: Even the best-intentioned parents who are able to come to agreement on most questions surrounding their divorce could find themselves in a state of disagreement when it comes to matters of child custody. For example, both parents will want what is best for their children, but they might have different opinions about that. A skilled attorney can help parents advocate for their goals diplomatically to try and reach an agreeable solution in the best interest of all parties involved.

— Alimony and spousal support: An alimony disagreement usually boils down to one spouse trying to receive as much money as possible and the other spouse trying to pay as little as possible. Here, an experienced attorney can provide you with an idea of what a Pennsylvania court will likely decide on the matter, and with this knowledge, an informed settlement negotiation can be initiated.

— Motion for modifications: Just because a divorce matter has been decided — either through private settlement or in court — it does not mean that the spouses cannot later modify the arrangements. This is particularly important for matters of alimony and child support. The amount of alimony and child support payments are usually decided based on the spouses’ incomes. However, if incomes change, the spouses may be able to apply for a modification to reflect the new financial circumstances. Particularly for spouses who suffer the loss of a job or some other financial emergency, it’s best to file for such a modification as early as possible to avoid getting in trouble for late payments.

No matter what your family law issue happens to be, the attorneys at Bononi & Company, PC, are available to help. Our Pittsburgh family law attorneys will listen to your story in a free, first-time consultation and advise you of your legal rights and options.