Divorce parties: Could they be the way of the future?

A west coast couple recently threw a party to celebrate a very special occasion, but you might be surprised at the occasion that was being celebrated. It was their divorce. The spouses, who had been married for nearly a quarter of a century, threw a divorce party last Saturday to celebrate the beginning of their new lives.

The wife told reporters that she and her husband had thrown some very good parties during their lives together, and they wanted to have one last hurrah before they called their marital union quits. She recognized that partygoers would likely be uncomfortable, but she thought the party would be fun. She also hoped that the celebration could remove some of the awkwardness from their breakup for themselves, their family and their friends.

The husband also commented that their party was not actually to celebrate their divorce. Rather, it was to celebrate the fact that they divorced so well, and that they were able to maintain their friendship throughout the process. They also wanted to do what they can to keep their family group together, as well as their friends. He said that they are still friends, but that they were no longer in love. Photos from the party posted by the couple’s 18-year-old daughter on Twitter received more than 50,000 retweets and 160,000 likes.

Clearly, a “divorce party” like this is too far outside the box, and maybe a little too weird, for the vast majority of Pennsylvania couples. However, it is certainly possible for any couple — if they both have the emotional maturity and internal strength — to dissolve their marriage in a peaceful and friendly manner. With the support of an experienced divorce lawyer, couples can use conflict resolution strategies, mediation, out-of-court settlement talks and other strategies to finalize divorce proceedings as peacefully and kindly as possible.

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