Lisa Marie Presley claims husband mismanaged finances

Divorces happen for many reasons, and if you’re getting a divorce because of poor financial planning, you aren’t alone. Sometimes, it’s hard to know if a spouse will be awful with money, but it can put a serious strain on your relationship. Your attorney can help you with your divorce and even help you negotiate a settlement that can help you get some of your funds back, in some cases.

If that’s a familiar situation for you, then you may be interested in this divorce. According to the news, Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce because she believes her husband mismanaged her money. The couple has been together for 10 years, but she claims that her husband’s spending habits got her into trouble when American Express filed a lawsuit asking for $109,000 in charges.

She claims that her husband took advantage of her and continually misused and failed to manage their finances throughout their marriage. Her husband was in charge of her assets during the marriage, but he reportedly failed to do what he was supposed to do. She also believes that he has questionable parenting skills and says there are problems with her husband being a good father. She did not elaborate on that.

Presley has started a forensic audit to find out where the money in the marriage was spent. The couple did have a postnuptial agreement that was signed following their marriage. It’s not clear what the postnuptial agreement was for, but it should be clear in the following months what will happen in the divorce and if they will be able to settle.

Source: StreetWise Journal, “Lisa Marie Presley Files for Divorce After Husband Mismanaged Her Money,” Jacob Maslow, July 06, 2016