Child support facts for divorcing parents

If you’re planning on getting a divorce, child support may be something you’re concerned about. Here are some interesting facts you may not have known about child support.

1. Did you know that child support and visitation rights aren’t connected? If you fail to pay child support or don’t receive it, visitation rights are not affected. For example, if you stop paying child support, you still have a right to see your child, even if your ex wants to prevent it. Unless there is a change in your visitation order, your rights remain the same.

2. If you or your spouse file for bankruptcy, child support is not able to be discharged. That is a debt that cannot be eliminated in any circumstance.

3. If your ex-partner fails to pay child support, there are a few very serious consequences that can arise. Arrests or jail time are possible, but it’s more likely that your ex’s wages will be garnished, unemployment benefits will be withheld, or passports or other important documents will be denied until the child support payments are caught up.

4. The average child support payment paid in the United States is around $430 every month. Interestingly, around 15 percent of those paying child support are women; men aren’t the only ones who end up footing the bill. Determining child support is based on a number of factors, but no national guidelines exist. That means that if your case goes to different states or courts, the calculations used may be different.

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